We live in an ever changing world where people expect to be continually wowed, inspired and thought provoked in one way or another.  As business owners, we are constantly being asked "what is unique about what you do or the product you sell?", "what will you provide me that no one else will?".  We are constantly keeping up with the development of technology, fashion, transport, etc., so we can keep in the game and not get left behind.  When sometimes keeping to the old ways, the simple ways, is what people want. 

When everything can be found at your fingertips within seconds, it all becomes far too easy, mundane and stripped of any authenticity.


Time and time again I get asked ... "why vintage?", "why that era of music?"... and you know what I say... "why not?".....


WHAT I LOVE about performing vintage music (particularly jazz and swing numbers) is the way it makes my audience feel.  It's a style most people wouldn't actively choose to listen to on a regular basis but they can appreciate the journey it takes them on.  Giving them a moment of nostalgia is a ever developing world; a moment to stop and allow they're mind to drift off elsewhere.  The calibre of musicianship back in the 1940's & 50's was extraordinary.  Artists such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, all worked hard for their craft and their success.  Not to mention the hard lives they lead outside of the music industry, which I believe really shows through in their emotional performances.   Yes, vintage music is old but it's also timeless, and in this day and age it has more of a purpose then ever. 

Being a Vintage Singer is about providing something different at an event or party or being that point of interest at a exhibition stand and allowing people to experience the old times in a modern world.  Nostalgic music makes you FEEL GOOD, its therapeutic and above all it's FUN ..... and that's what people want. 


"So why not at your next event have a singer with a difference and have your guests leaving with a smile on their face"- Alexandra Jones, Vintage Singer